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Lofree Poison: Nostalgic Bluetooth box from the 1950s

The retro look was rarely more popular than in our current decade, so the hipster reminded us, for example, of what was hanging in our wardrobe. However, not only the fashion world looks back on past days nostalgically, but technology has also discovered this trend. A particularly iconic source of inspiration is the America of the 1950s. Rock and roll, colorful coffeeshops, fast motorcycles and, of course, the classic radio equipment, all this has shaped the pop culture of that time.

LoFree 5

Especially the cult radio is (besides the jukebox understands) a symbol of revolutionary music. This long-standing but never-forgotten design has now been revisited and reconciled with modern technology. The result is the Lofree Poison speaker. The modern innovations of a Bluetooth loudspeaker combined with the nostalgic design of then – that promises the poison. Of course it should not be a problem.

Retro look for on the go – stable, handy and timeless

Bluetooth speakers are practical and have long since found their way into everyday life. For many people, they represent a lifestyle product and must therefore also meet its optical requirements. Nostalgia fans will have their fun with the design of the Poison. This handbag version of an almost already antique radio comes with the characteristic stainless steel grille, the brightly colored colors and the then customary wheelchairs to adjust the radio frequency therefore. The latter serve not only the ornament, but actually function as 60 years ago.

LoFree 7

LoFree 6

The product in vintage design is available in four different colors, which are as colorful as the entire pop culture of the 50s was. Despite all the optical Schnickshnack the customer gets here a stable and robustly built loudspeaker, which can be transported safely in the handbag or in the backpack.

Modern core despite the old bowl: the inner life of the poison

Great is the poison with its 18 x 10.5 cm yes, but who believes that one can expect from such a small loudspeaker a balanced and rich sound, is wrong! Because the Poison comes with a 2 0 Watt amplifier of 60Hz-20kHz and a Bluetooth range of 10 meters. The developers are especially proud of the massive bass, which pulsates on the back with the rhythm of the music. Despite this powerful bass, the loudspeaker does not lose mid-range or high tones.

An absolute highlight is of course the already mentioned, authentic FM radio with rotary knobs. The manual operation reminds of long-gone days. The 2,000mAh battery promises the customer 6 hours of music playing time in CD quality. Whether via Bluetooth via the smartphone, via the Aux cable or directly through the radio frequency, the nostalgia feeling remains guaranteed. The target group for this gadget should be obvious: all music lovers with nostalgic touch will get their money’s worth. If you are interested, the small time machine can be delivered to the kickstarter for 60 euros. Probably the loudspeaker is delivered in September 2017 and then it is rock around the clock !

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