Cozypony CZ560 Bluetooth In-Ears Review for 9,99€

The Cozypony CZ560 reminds us more of the classic Bluetooth sports headphones, while the Cozypony CZ3020, which we have presented to you a few weeks ago, are more for everyday life. How the Sport In-Ears beat in everyday life and during the training, we have taken a critical look.

Cozypony CZ560 Bluetooth Sport In-Ears

Technical specifications

Bluetooth Version 4.1
battery capacity 150 mAh; 8-8.5 hours running time according to manufacturer
charging time 2 hours
Weight 25g
Dimensions 26 x 12.3 x 12.3 mm


The accessories of the Cozypony CZ560 include ear cushions in three different sizes, a relatively short Micro-USB charging cable, a transport bag and an instruction manual in English.

Cozypony Bluetooth Sport In-Ears Accessories
The transport bag is air permeable

Design and processing

The headphones make a solid impression at first glance, they are plastic, but they are cleanly processed and do not show any external flaws. The buttons of the Bluetooth sports headset are also well processed, have a good pressure point and sit firmly in the case.

Cozypony CZ560 Sport In-Ear
The cable between the listeners is about 50 cm long

They are available in black only, but the red ear cushions have a bright color accent.

Similar to the UMi BTA9, the ear hooks are fixed in a fixed position and can not be adjusted. However, they are quite flexible and adapt very well to the shape of the ear. Since the control buttons are located directly on the handset, one does not have the problem that one ear is heavier than the other.


I personally fit the Cozypony CZ560 well, they have a firm hold and do not slip out of the ear. Even during the jogging they remain firmly in their place and do not dissolve. According to the description, the headphones are protected against sweat and moisture, but no IP protection class is indicated.

Battery life

The Micro USB interface is located on the right handset and is protected by a plastic cap.

Cozypony CZ560 In-Ear Micro USB connector
The cap fits into the Micro USB port and protects against the ingress of liquids

The 150 mAh strong battery is to listen for up to 8 hours of music or 8.5 hours of talk time. The charging process is about 2 hours. Unfortunately an adapter for the socket is not included.


The headphones are controlled by the operating buttons, which are also attached to the right handset. In addition to three buttons, there is also an on/off slide switch.

Cozypony CZ560 Bluetooth In-Ears Buttons
The on / off switch is located next to the micro-USB port

Function of individual buttons:

Multi-function button Play / Pause
Connect Bluetooth
Answer / hang up calls
Quieter Quieter / Title Back
volume up Loud / next song
slide switches On off

Sound of the Cozypony CZ560

Inside the listeners, a 14.8 mm driver is the sound. This has its strengths especially in the area of ​​the bass and produces strong, rich basses. Unfortunately, there are some weaknesses in the area of high and midrange. These are not particularly noticeable in instrumental and electronic music, but if voices come into play, they sound somewhat dull. High tones such as Hi-Hats sound muddy, as with a highly compressed MP3 file.

Cozypony CZ560 driver download

The headphones are, compared to other headphones we have already tested, from the sound in the middle, they are not bad but also not the best. For me personally they would suffice for the sport, but not as everyday headphones.

The headset

During the test telephones there were no problems, my opposite could understand me well and did not notice that I telephone over a headphone. Not the rule with this kind of headphones.


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