Soyes 7S – A clone of the iPhone 7 Plus of 2.54 inches

We all know that the Chinese market is one of the most creative in the world. Many of the products that come out of the Asian nation seek to copy some of the most important features, although several of them copy from the processor, through the graphic details, to finish with the same photographic section and similar screens compared to devices created in Other countries, Apple’s, for example.

To not go that far, we have a clone of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with impressive features. But when we talk about a copy identical to the iPhone 7 Plus, we did not find many competitors that carve the size, although it has come to our eyes one that meets the necessary requirements and also, with a size of only 2.54 inches: we talk Of Soyes 7S . It is important to note that it does not compete head-on with the model that follows, but it does have good specifications.

Features of Soyes 7S

This terminal stands out among the other copies for its 2.54 inch screen, dimensions that more than one will cause laughter, but if you put it to detail, you will see that it is a comfortable and elegant mobile. The Soyes 7S contracts Android Marshmallow as an operating system, so do not get excited about thinking it would bring iOS, it’s pure Android. In addition, it has a MediaTek MT6580 Quad-core processor running at 1.3 GHz, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage that can be expanded to 128 GB, plenty of memory space for so few inches, right?

As for the battery, the device has 600 mAh to give us a couple of hours of autonomy, we can not ask for much either, of course. For its part, the photographic section is made up of 0.3 MP for its front, and 5 MP for the rear , another paste, but at the price at which it is available, will be more than enough. The double camera that at first sight is seen in the Soyes 7S is not what it seems. In essence, it does have a Quad-LED flash, but one of the camera openings is completely empty, nothing more to boast about.

Price of Soyes 7S

This has been a project that has been funded through a crowdfunding campaign. At the same time, the phone needed 100,000 yuan, about $15,000, but the results of the money collection process have collected just over 1.3 million yuan, which would be around $ 200,000 in just two weeks. The Soyes 7S is available in the Chinese market for the price of 358 yuan, about 53 dollars that at the current exchange are located at about 45 euros. Hopefully this new model can be purchased in other regions outside of China.

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