Instagram now allows you to make nested comments on threads. Did you know?

Instagram is a very popular social network and we dare to say that it is one of the most used worldwide, this application was previously only photographs. However, that has been changing with each update, since we can have Instagram stories that are very similar to snapchat and that is probably copied from the application.

On the other hand, today we find that you can hither comments nested in threads or clustered as those that Facebook has. Do you know what they are? Everything points out that instagram has joined this new trend and from our point of view, this update is Very favorable for such application, from now on we will be able to receive the update in a gradual way, in itself this update will keep the order better in the publications especially in the one of the celebrities that have millions of answers.

What does the new comment update offer us on Instagram?

Instagram's comment

This change will cause the answers to be grouped and you can distinguish them with an indentation and alignment more to the right, as we have said is very similar to those of Facebook. On the other hand, the answers still have a heart button to mark them as “Like” or “Unlike” and now you can comment the thread of another comment.

When will we have this update with us ?,  instagram states that this function will be gradually activated for all its more than 700 million users within the next few weeks, remember that updating an application is not like blowing and making bottles, it is for This reason that for the moment you may be lucky and you get the update or you have to wait a bit.

On the other hand, we must note that instagram has been updating its comments section to make it as respectful as possible and optimized, now we can silence words, labels or block any comments you do not like in some publications.

In addition, we get the news that the chief executive of Amazon is already on Instagram and has an official account, we must also mention that Apple has joined Instagram and already has an account for photographs of the iPhone. Did Instagram get this new update?

Source |  Instagram


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