Ice Lake, Intel Announces New 10nm Processor +

Intel unveils new chip with 10 nanometer architecture, Ice Lake

With the launch of the new AMD chips, the Ryzen Threadripper, it seems Intel is putting the batteries and wants to take advantage of its closest competitor.

Although the company has not yet released its first batch of 10 nanometer processors, it is already preparing its successor: 10 nm+.

The name of these processors is already announced and would be Ice Lak. These new CPUs would continue in the line of the Coffee Lake , with its architecture of 10 nanometers. We are not sure about this detail, but it is most likely. 

At the moment, the company has not given any further details, but AnandTech believes that these new chips will be much more complete when they are released. The current architecture, Cannon Lake , is focused on mobile processors so the chips are smaller and easier to make, not to mention the consequent lower production cost.

Ice Lake would eat eleven its performance is stabilized and it can handle the typical tasks of a desktop computer. The launch is not clear at all. Cannon Lake would have to arrive sometime in 2018, so Ice Lake would arrive in late 2018 or 2019. It’s all speculation based on the company’s launch schedule.

The trajectory of its architectures

Nor is it surprising that Intel has begun releasing information. The company has had to delay the launch of its processors as its scientists found it difficult to improve the chips, while getting smaller. We have already seen more than one year ago. Intel announced that they would jump to the 10 nanometers and are struggling to get it.

At the moment, by August 21, Intel will unveil all the details of the Coffee Lake processors. On the other hand, we see as it is confirmed that the Ice Lake will be the successors of the eighth generation, but do not mention anything of a novena. It seems that they are not very clear about their next moves or are simply raising our expectations to remain outstanding.

If we based purely on how Intel qualifies its processors we have different options depending on which platform the CPU is going to be destined for. At first, it has three manufacturing processes in terms of the current architecture of 14 nanometers, 14, 14+ and 14 ++. At Intel’s Techonology Manufacturing Day, Intel announced that the new 10-nanometer would follow the same line, 10, 10+ and 10 ++.

When we come to differentiate we have two distinct groups, the processors destined for desktop and desktop computers. For desktops, processors range from 14 to 14+, from Skylake to Coffee Lake. If we look at laptops, we can add that probably in addition to those of 14 nanometers, some include Cannon Lake.

What do you expect from the Ice Lake ? We will have to wait to see if it meets the expectations and its own schedule of launches.

[Via: AnandTech ]


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