Samsung introduces T5, its new portable SSD

The SSD market continues to move forward with more and more options. Today comes the turn of Samsung. The Korean company presents the T5. This is your new portable SSD drive. And once again, the company does not disappoint and leaves us with a product of the most interesting.

Samsung introduces T5, its new portable SSD

This new SSD is a leap in quality and capacity for Samsung . Now, with this model reach the 2TB capacity . And they do it in a unit that has the size of a credit card. So the company’s innovation is very clear in this regard.

Samsung SSD T5 Specifications

The SSD T5 comes with different capacities. The 2TB will be the maximum capacity, although we will find models of 250 GB, 500 GB and 1TB. So there will be a choice. The lower capacity models are launched in blue and the other two in black. In addition, these T5 take advantage of Samsung’s V-NAND memories . That is why a maximum speed of 540 MB / s can be achieved.

The SSD T5 has a USB-C port that works with USB 3.1 Gen 2. Although it is not the only one. Two additional USB-C cables are also included. One USB-C to USB-C and the other USB-C to USB-A. Thanks to this it will be possible to have compatibility with previous versions. And as we have said, its size is really small. Its dimensions are 57.3 x 74 x 10 mm. And a weight of 51 grams.

Samsung has also revealed the prices of this new range of SSD. The T5 models will have prices ranging from $ 129.99 of the cheapest model, to 799.99 of the 2TB model. The 500GB model will cost $ 199.99 and the 1TB $ 409.99. So they are quite expensive. What do you think?


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