Samsung Galaxy Note 8 beats record in the test of AnTuTu Do you want to know the result?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be said to be the most anticipated mobile of the year and soon to be with us, has a scheduled release date for August 23. Currently we have been surrounded by leaks and rumors about this smartphone and without a doubt is a device with incredible features and excellent design. However, the only thing missing from this terminal was the AnTutu test and they have already published it. Do you want to know what their result was?

It should be noted that the version passed the test was the processor Qualcomm snapdragon 635 eight-core with an Adreno 540 GPU . Why do we say this ?, there is another version with an Exynos 8995 processor and GPU Mali G71, without further ado we To know the result of this great test that was 179,000 points. This is an incredible score if compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 which yielded a result of 174,000 points with a notable difference and obviously Note 8 is better.

Do you know what the AnTuTu tests are? This is a very old and popular application dedicated to benchmarking or performance tests on mobile phones. How is it possible ?,  the benchmark is a software that simulates a series of situations for our smartphone to unfold and thus we will check which is better. It should be noted that having a high or low score does not mean that the mobile is going to be good or bad. Something that caught our attention is that new features were unveiled.

Characteristics unveiled after the test of AnTuTu

Test of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in AnTuTu

We will mention the features that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reveals after passing through AnTuTu.

  • Super AMOLED screen of 6.3 inches with resolution 2220 x 10880p (we can change the resolution to QHD + 2960 x 1440).
  • 6 GB RAM memory.
  • Internal storage of 64 GB.
  • 12MP camera on the back and non-specific that will be dual.
  • 8MP front camera.

We should note that Samsung will again use the 18: 9 aspect ratio that has already integrated into the Galaxy S8 and is something that has charmed. That’s all, the only thing we needed to know was the test of AnTuTu before the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was released to the market and we remember that its release date is just around the corner, although we must also remember that same day The Meizu M6 Note is released. Did you know that Meizu would also launch a cell phone?


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