HBO hackers filter new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm Have you seen them?

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Some days ago we learned that HBO had been hacked and according to cyber thieves, they had in their possession many untapped episodes of many HBO series including Games of Thrones. Today it is Curb Your Enthusiasm, very popular on HBO and is a very old series that dates back to the year 2000 where it was launched, since then has had a long history and many passes for great prizes of the academy.

According to hackers alleging that 1.5 TB of unreleased HBO content has been stolen, the leaks still appear and Curb Your Enthusiasm has not been saved, as episodes of next season appeared online.

Undoubtedly the hackers are giving HBO very hard as far as this is concerned . What episodes did they leak? , We are informed that they have leaked the most recent called insecure which is the ninth season, also included episodes of the current season as Ballers and two shows that were not yet broadcast.

What were the shows and what does HBO think about the filtration of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Curb Your Enthusiasm

According to the shows were starring Bill Hader and The Deuce, a new drama by David Simon about the emergence of the world’s largest industry, ie porn. On the other hand, HBO did not keep his mouth shut and this is what he responded to people and hackers themselves: “We do not have any type of communication with the hacker and we will not comment every time information is published. It has been widely reported that there was a cyber incident on HBO and that they can continue to extract pieces of information in an attempt to generate media attention. “

They also added the following; “This is a game in which we are not going to participate. Obviously, no company wants their information stolen and published on the Internet, the transparency of our employees, partners and the creative talent that works with us has had our full focus during the incident and will continue to be so as we move forward, The incident has not deterred us from ensuring that HBO will continue to do what it does best. “

Things have gotten hot as far as this polemic is concerned but what HBO says is a bit contradictory, said this, last week as they shared a mail exchange with the hackers. Did they lie to us? To this day we do not believe that Information is true. However, all we know is that leaks will not stop for now. On the other hand, another story that has generated controversy is the divorce of Netflix and Disney.  What do you think this news?

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