It is already possible to have Mewtwo in Pokémon Go Capture it Now!

Niactic has done it again with a private event in Japan, after the resounding failure of your event in Chicago , and rescheduling of its European events, the company extends its horizons and goes to Asia to release what will be the legendary Pokémon Many users were waiting, nothing more and nothing less that arrives Mewtwo and also, they also throw a special golden Pikachu so that many people can obtain it.

Although, the mythical Pokémon is only available to players in this event at a stadium in Japan and when it will be available for all users around the world is unknown, however the most important thing is already done and already we can Capture Mewtwo.

Where can we catch Mewtwo?

Pokemon go event in japan

We will have to go to the Asian country Japan if we want to enjoy a battle with Mewtwo, in Yokohama they have delivered thousands of legendary pokémones to all the users that attended the event of the ballpark. Niantic also failed with this event ?, according to many sources the battle in the stadium was amazing and one of the biggest in Yokohama, plus the streets were congested by the surprising amount of people trying to find these rare pokémones.

On the other hand, many users were unable to join the battle and therefore, could not capture the desired legendary Pokémon, as it was too many people who attended the event, in addition to all that, the festival also had a Carnival or Pikachu parade that became somewhat chaotic, although already inside the stadium everything went smoothly and the players could register correctly.


After entering the gym the players received a Raids battle against Mewtwo, this is one of the most fearsome legendary pokémones although apparently many users claim that it was very easy to catch him and that it did not take any of the time and effort, some people spent 52 Premiere pokeballs and other only one, was depending on the luck of the player.

However, we believe that this has to do with Niantic, because after so many failures could modify the power of Mewtwo and thus make it easy Pokémon to catch and so, all users returned home happy and nobody complained of event. On the other hand, we wonder When will they arrive in the whole world ?, we hope that throughout the day all the players can capture Mewtwo.


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