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LG V30 LG UX 6.0+ personalization layer will bring face recognition and other news

In recent weeks, the LG V30 is one of the most talked about phones in the mobile phone market. The new flagship of the South Korean company is about to be introduced, so that little by little we know more details about it. A few days ago we told you that the LG V30 will have the best focal aperture seen on a mobile.

Well, one of the highlights of the new LG V30 will be the LG UX 6.0+, a layer of customization that we will see for the first time in this phone.

What’s New in the LG UX 6.0+ Personalization Layer


This new layer of customization of the South Korean company will introduce very interesting news on the screen of its new flagship.

Users will enjoy a floating application bar, which will be customizable and semi-transparent. In this way, they will have more at hand the functions they use most.

The Always On Display feature will also improve with LG UX 6.0+. In addition to displaying the clock as it has been doing so far, it will also display notifications and music player. Users will also be able to choose a photo from the device gallery.


The security of the phone is one of the points where the new layer of personalization of LG has put more emphasis. The LG V30 will feature an automatic facial recognition system; In this way, the device will be unlocked as soon as it detects that the owner is on the other side of the camera. They can also unlock the phone through voice recognition; A technology inspired by the voice function of Qualcomm.

Double chamber

Much has been said about the camera of the new LG V30, because, as we tell you, the LG V30 will be a beast to make night shots.

Well, for users to make the most of the dual camera, LG introduces Graphy. A new feature that will allow users to download professional photographer configurations from a wide range of available models.

In addition, the LG V30 camera will also allow users to create GIFs with the photos they take, which they can edit to create shorts.

Therefore, the LG V30 will be a real beast in many ways. We already knew that the phone’s camera will be outstanding. Now we also know that your software will be extraordinary. A device that promises a lot.

What do you think of the customization layer LG UX 6.0+ Of the LG V30?

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