Redmi Note 4 has sold 5 million units in India

Xiaomi is celebrating. The Chinese brand is having a most successful 2017 so far. He has launched the Xiaomi Mi6 , one of the most talked about and best rated phones. And recently it presented the update of MIUI, its layer of personalization and arrives already MIUI 9. So the company has not stopped a single second so far this year. And now, more good news comes to you.

In this case they refer to Redmi Note 4. A phone we have already talked to on numerous occasions. The device is being a great success for the company. It has already become the best-selling brand in India. And with a record sales. We will tell you more below.Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Redmi Note 4 sells 5 million

India is a growing market. More and more users are using smartphones, and their purchasing power is also increasing. So it is certainly a country with a lot of growth potential and opportunities for brands. That is why, for a long time, Xiaomi bets strongly on that country. In fact they opened their first store some time ago. And these efforts have seen their results with sales of Redmi Note 4.

The device has already sold 5 million units in India . And in this way has become the best selling phone of Xiaomi in the Asian country. One more sign of the enormous popularity that the Chinese brand is having in India. And in addition, these 5 million units have been sold in just six months. Six months! It is the time that has passed since the Redmi Note 4 was released in the country. So the reception that the phone has had has been spectacular. Reason for which the company is celebrating.

It is certainly a moment of great importance for Xiaomi. Seeing as one of your smartphones gets overwhelming success in a volume-packed market like India is a symptom that their strategy works. And it certainly helps to further increase the popularity of Redmi Note 4 in the country. We will see if they will soon announce more millionaire sales of other models.


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