Impressive results of the Intel Core i9-7960X at Geekbench

The Intel Core i9-7960X processor is among the most important releases of Intel for the most demanding users and today we can see some of its first results of the final version that will reach the stores.

Intel Core i9-7960X will hit stores for $1699

A few weeks ago we had been able to see some results from the Intel Core i9-7960X at Geekbench , but from a sample that was apparently engineering and did not offer the most optimal performance. During the day we can see the final performance and in all its splendor of the Core i9-7960X in this benchmarking tool.

Results of the Intel Core i9-7960X at Geekbench

In this test we can see the brand new Intel 16-core processor running at a speed of 2.8GHz and with the 22.5MB of L3 cache at full sail. The test was performed under the Windows 7 operating system and scored 5804 in single-core and 78323 points in the multi-core test. The improvement in the multi-core score is quite impressive considering that the previous test that had been done to this chip resulted in half of this score.

Intel Core i9-7960X

The bad thing is that we do not have direct comparisons with Threadripper here, but this result tells a different story to what we saw a few days ago, where Threadripper 1950X brings a 45% advantage to the i9 7900X in Cinebench R11.5.

Recall that the Intel Core i9 7960X will have an official value of $ 1699, while the AMD Threadripper 1950X sells for $ 999 (1100 euros in Spain). Although Intel will surely offer an incredible multitasker processor, AMD is making it possible to get 16-core processors to the mass market for a much lower price.


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