ALL Controller: The gaming controller for almost any device

If you are completely devoted to computer games, you have a hobby with which you can not only spend a lot of fun, but also one with which you can spend tons of money. Not only the games themselves, but also the associated hardware, in the form of PC components and various consoles, can sweep the wallet more quickly than you would like. By means of so-called exclusive titles, which are only playable on a certain platform or console, one can hardly get around to having more than one console and the corresponding rat tail to buy accessories – at least as a gaming fan.

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An example here are controllers, which are different for each console, usually only start at 60 euros in the price segment and then are not compatible with other devices. Now think about the fact that you do not want to play alone and you already have two controllers for three devices , and you can think about what you pay for the month of your food – clearly, it is not so bad, but you understand what I’m trying to do , The solution is a universal controller, which, thanks to the Canadian launch-up Digital Depth Inc., is now a new and promising off-the- shelf ALL controller on kickstarter.

One for all, all for one

On a universal controller, there is not much misunderstanding. Just as the universal remote control 10 years ago has managed to control both our TV and our sound system and the DVD player, the ALL controller manages an Xbox, Playstation or our PC . In addition, the controller can also control your smartphone or tablet, or replace the mouse and keyboard on the computer . This means you can use it not only in games, but also for applications which do not support controller operation.

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All this works with a very comprehensive driver package , which can be installed on the controller itself, depending on what you want it to be used. The ALL controller is connected either directly via Bluetooth or via a USB Bluetoot receiver , which is inserted before. Furthermore, there are a number of optimization options for adapting the controller to your individual requirements. This includes the setting of macros, precise setting of the joystick sensitivity or the control of their dead zones.

Order ALL Controller on Kickstarter

The project is currently in its financing phase on kickstarter and has now exceeded its target of 75,000 Canadian dollars by twice the amount. Depending on whether one wants the cable-bound or the cable model, one currently pays 55 or 80 Canadian dollars per piece. Further information can be found on the kickstarter page of the ALL controller. You can also get a closer look through the campaign video included here, in which the manufacturers once again introduce you to the ALL controller.


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