Competition for Amazon Alexa: Anker announces Eufy Genius

The Chinese technology manufacturer Anker is the worldwide market leader for USB charging technology. The subsidiary Eufy was founded in 2016 to make SmartHome devices affordable and now presents its perhaps the largest litter: Anker announced today Eufy Genie, a competition model to Amazon Alexa. We have all the info for you.

Anchor Eufy Genius

Anker brings the Eufy Genie a compatible with Amazon Alexa compatible smart speakers. The price is supposed to be € 55.99 and  all the 15,000 orders from Alexa can also implement. This allows the latest news, weather and music to be reproduced by Amazon Prime, as it was in Alexa. Likewise, other technical devices such as suction robots can be started or the light dimmed by voice control  . The size of 9,0 x 48,5 cm the price of the small device and weight of 260g to judge, it compares less with Amazon’s echo, but more so with the Echo Dot.

Genie is only intended to make the beginning of a series of different smart home devices that are to appear in the coming months. “For under € 600, customers will be able to control a complete Eufy Smart Home through genius,” said Steven Yang, CEO at Anker. “Eufy genius buyers can enjoy just about all the benefits of Alexa at an attractive price”. What is still to be followed by technical devices is still open. At least with the Eufy RoboVac suction robot, there is already a technical device from the company that is found in the smart home area.

Anchor Eufy Genie Smart Home
Anker would like to make our four walls smoother as well as Amazon


2W loudspeaker with aluminum diaphragm is available for voice output and music reproduction . This should allow jokes, news and much more to be reproduced, the reproduction of music could come out qualitatively but marginal. Genie does not have Bluetooth in the simple output, which eliminates Bluetooth speakers as an alternative playback device. A 3.5 mm jack output for other, better speakers is available. A version with Bluetooth should follow.

Anker succeeds with the Eufy Genie still Apple with the “homepod” with Siri to prevail, this is however 350 € cost and only at the end of 2017 on the market come, beginning 2018. The Anker Eufy Genie will be available in black and white from the end of October.


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