Maze Comet: The new smartphone that will arrive very soon

Maze is a very recent brand in the market. Recently the brand launched the Maze Alpha. A telephone that we have talked to on several occasions, and that has left us with good feelings in general. And that is a phone that is worth considering buying. In addition, the company has commented that sales of such model are going very well. Something that will certainly give them a boost now that they present their second smartphone.

Your new smartphone is called Maze Comet. A new mobile that comes to market and will do so very soon. It is expected to be released at the end of September. So in a little more than a month will be already in the market. We have already been able to know some of the specifications of the phone. We will tell you more below.

Specifications Maze Comet

This new Maze Comet is presented as a premium phone. Since the outer layer of the device will be made of metal and leather. So we can expect a great quality in that aspect. It has also been commented that the screen ratio will be 18: 9. A ratio that we are seeing a lot this year and that is causing the applications and games have to adapt. But, that should no longer be a problem at this point. And related to that, the screen size will be 5.7 inches.

It has also been revealed that the phone will have an eight-core MediaTek processor. And a large battery. 4,000 mAh to be concrete. So there should be more than enough autonomy guaranteed in this device. In the aspect of the camera has not revealed too much yet. It has been confirmed that there will be a Sony 13MP IMX258 sensor, but nothing else is known. And so far it has only been confirmed that the phone will be available in blue or “deep blue”.

This Maze Comet is a smartphone that seems to have a lot of potential. This is just the second device that the brand presents, but at the moment they are leaving very good taste in the market. We hope to know the complete specifications, launch date and price of this Maze Comet soon. What do you guys think about this phone?


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