Google Camera 4.4 arrives flash for selfies, double zoom tap and more news

Google Camera 4.4 first appeared in a developer version of Android 8.0 , and is now available to everyone on the Google Play Store. The new version of Google’s camera comes with very interesting news.

Flash on front camera

The self-flash can be very useful when taking pictures or recording videos in low-light environments , such as at night. It may be the case that the phone’s display is not able to produce enough light so that the difference is too noticeable, but it does not hurt to try it.

Double tap to zoom

Another feature added in version 4.4 of Google Camera. Once users have taken a certain photo with their phone, in the preview of the image can make a couple of touches to the screen to automatically activate a zoom of 50% . To zoom out, the gesture is exactly the same.

Switching from photo to video

So far, when users wanted to change the camera from photo to video and vice versa, they had to make a sweep of the screen. The truth is that it was quite simple, but very unintuitive. Thus, Google has added an icon at the bottom in version 4.4.

A little bigger shutter button

The button to start recording and stopping a video, as well as taking a photo, is a little bigger. A great added advantage that improves the comfort offered by the application.

The truth is that on their own they are not big changes, but if we put them together they do significantly improve Google Camera functionality .

Taking pictures and recording videos with the mobile is a gesture that practically all of us repeat on a daily basis. Thus, mobile companies and companies like Google are committed to significantly improve the camera and related applications. Yesterday we told you that the LG V30 will have the best focal aperture seen on a mobile.

What do you think of all these improvements of Google Camera 4.4?

For now , Google Camera version 4.4 is not available on Google Play, but you can download it in APK.


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