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Makibes G03 Fitness Tracker – Smart bracelet for athletes

  • by Tyler
  • 1 year ago
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One must admit that the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is still on the pole position among the fitness trackers. While they themselves with the Amazfit sowas as a successor brought into the race, Makibes is meanwhile probably one of the strongest competitors. This is the home of the Makibes G03 Smart Fitness Bracelet with IP68 certification. Unfortunately we could not test the model yet.

Makibes G03 Fitness Tracker in two views


The G03 FitnessTracker is even more direct towards the athletes than the competing products and is directed less to the normal person. The  OLED display with a diagonal of 2.4cm and a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels can be operated with touch gestures. However, there are also two buttons on the side with which you can additionally use the bracelet. The screen should use a low power consumption, whereby the smart bracelet with a 230mAh strong battery will get along. Overall, a maximum standby time of ten days should be achieved. With active GPS use , however, only 6 to 7 hours are possible.

The range of functions is relatively large. Pulse measurementstep countersleep tracking and a function that will let you know when you sit too long. The pulse measurement can apparently also take place continuously, ie over a 24 hours period. In addition, the bracelet can also be connected to the smartphone, both with Android as well as with iOS. Then the display is to inform you about missed calls and notifications. It remains to be seen whether messages and telephone numbers are displayed completely.

What makes the fitness tracker interesting for athletes is the four different sports modes. They include jogging, swimming, climbing and cycling. There are specific measurements for each mode. For example, the number of swimming swings during swimming or the height during climbing are measured. For all, however, the pulse and the calorie consumption are measured, for example. Especially for the swimmers, it is therefore also important that the fitness tracker is IP68 certified. This data can also be included in the history with the app, so that one can follow its development.

With 45g, the fitness tracker is also crica 20g lighter than, for example, the Makibes Talk T1, which also makes it clear that it is a fitness tracker and not a complete smartwatch. Nevertheless, the smart bracelet seems to be very interesting for athletes. Due to the color selection between green, red and black, however, he may also be interesting as a simple everyday companion. We are anxious – you too?

Makibes G03 Smart Bracelet

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