CetusPlay the remote control app compatible with all Android TV-Box

For some time now we are seeing that in many TV-Box Android does not include remote control app by default, something that was previously almost mandatory and now seems secondary. In new products based on Android 7 that have SoC from Amlogic or Rockchip we usually do not find this option or are no longer compatible with the classic control app. To solve this problem we are currently using CetusPlay an alternative that gives us very good results and where we have better functionalities than in the official remote control app.

CetusPlay Installation

To use this remote control system we need to install two app, on the one hand the app server that is installed on the Android TV-Box to control and another client app that we will use remote control on our smartphone or tablet. We can install it from Google Play or using an APK, if we use this last method we will have to activate “Unknown Origins” in our system.

CetusPlay Settings

The system is configured very simply, the only key point is to have our TV Box and Smartphone on the same wifi network. Once we have them connected in the same network we only need to run the Cetus Play server in our Android TV-Box and keep it active something that happens simply when running it. Once we have it activated in our TV-Box we only need to run the client on our Smartphone and look for the TV Box to connect by clicking on the top of the app.

I use Cetus Play

Inside the app we have a side menu with several options, the one that interests us is the one that is executed by default that is the one of Remote , inside this function we have a menu of keyboard to send phrases with our keyboard of the mobile and next to an icon With four squares giving us access to four different modes of control. Of the rest of the options we highlight Play on TV that allows us to broadcast content in a similar way to a DLNA service.

The four control modes included are the classic, on the one hand we have control crosshead with Android shortcuts, touch control that allows us with two fingers to move up or down page (no pinch gesture for zoom), mouse type control with pointer And numeric keypad with control crossbeam emulating a classic TV control. As you see a virtual remote control quite complete and recommended for its high compatibility.


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