Bluboo S8, take your mobile more like the Galaxy S8 for a price of laughter

Bluboo S8

The brand Bluboo is increasingly known for making phones of very good quality and a very low price. Currently the new Bluboo S8 is one of the few 18: 9 full screen phones , such as the Galaxy S8, with decent specifications and a very content price.

The new Bluboo S8 hides a dual camera from Sony with dual LED flash and integrates the OS 360 OS adopted by Bluboo which is nothing more than a layer of customization more powerful than Android itself. 360 OS is characterized by squeezing to the maximum the performance of the mobile and protect the user with more security than native Android but also Google Play and is in Spanish as it is a mobile version.

Bluboo S8 Preventa

Bluboo S8, only for 64 euros if you are fast

The mobile will have a much higher price once the promotion passes but we will explain how it works. Anyone can buy the new Bluboo S8 during the pre-sale that will last 2 weeks, from August 1, 2017 to August 14, 2017.

During this time you can buy for 129 euros at any time but the faster you can take, during the first 7 days, a Bluboo S8 half price, for only 64 euros.

How to buy a Bluboo S8 for 64 euros?

From August 1 to August 7 there will be 10 units every day at half price, 64 euros. To take one of these units you must enter Banggood at 9.00 UTC and buy one of the first 10 units at this price, that simple.

Pack presenta bluboo s8

But this is not the only promotion that Bluboo does with the pre-sales of the mobile, during this period the first 20 buyers of the Bluboo S8 will be able to get a Bluetooth wireless headset from Dacom every day, a headset valued at 45 euros. And yes, in addition to the headsets all those who buy the mobile phone at this time will be wearing a tempered glass with blue light filter, a housing for the mobile and a USB adapter C to 3.5mm headphones as this mobile It does not integrate the serial connector.

Do you want your Bluboo S8 at the best price? Remember that if you are the fastest you will take it at half the price and if not during the pre-sale you will save about 25 euros with respect to its price once this is finished.

The Bluboo S8 is a pass, is a mobile that resembles in design to Galaxy S8 but with a price of laughter, in the following link you can see all its specifications in full.


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