Cortana now has a new design for Android


We have always mentioned that this has been the year for virtual attendees of all companies, from Bixby’s departure from the South Korean company to the Google Assistant who has had several updates this year and is announced as one of the best this year. Cortana is not far behind, since Microsoft’s assistant has a lot to offer and has just released a new update.

In the first instance, Cortana was released only for Windows, however, it was so successful that it was released for devices with Android operating system and you can download it from Google Play completely free, although we have to warn you that it does not work with all Smartphones on the market, so you have to check if your terminal supports the Cortana wizard. The latest update has some visible changes in the design area, these improvements are aimed to improve the user experience.

Will the new design of Cortana for Android affect users?

Cortana on an HTC

The changes are visible as far as interface and customization are concerned. Also, they are very important since it is destined to improve the user experience and give you the best assistant you can find for Android. What changed? First you will notice that the settings page has been changed and redesigned to allow easier management of the wizard, a change that is noticed with the naked eye, is the new menu that changes the lower navigation bar.

Also, it has new features that developers have implemented to make calls and texts hands-free. That being said, users will have quick control of all their reminders and everything is meant to be within easy reach, before most of the options were very difficult to use. This means that the new update optimizes the application to make it more simple and understandable.

Of course, Cortana 2.9.0 has many improvements over previous versions, so if you have not updated it yet, it’s time to go Google Play and do it. On the other hand, if you do not have this wizard, you can download it in the Google store. What did you think of this new design?


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