The mysterious Radeon Holocube will not ship with RX VEGA

Radeon Holocube is a new peripheral created by AMD that nobody really knows what it does or what its purpose is, but it has been seen in numerous images and even in a small video posted on Twitter.

AMD plays mystery with Radeon Holocube

Radeon Holocube

With a brief statement, AMD comments on the Radeon Holocube, but does not clarify what it serves:

AMD appreciates the excitement and curiosity surrounding Holocube. The Radeon Holocube was developed as a prototype and at this time, it is one of the few that exist in the world. The Holocube will not be shipped with Radeon RX Vega in August.

The red company plays the mystery about Radeon Holocube, but little by little details are emerging. Videocardz public a few hours ago a video in his Twitter account where we can see the mentioned Holocube on. The peripheral shows images inside the cube in red colors and different visual virguerías.

Small demonstrative video

Radeon Holocube was first seen on the LTX2017 and apparently would be a kind of peripheral that would work with the new Radeon RX VEGA graphics cards. What is presumed, is that Holocube shows data on the performance, temperature and other values ​​of the graphics card and the equipment. This is just speculation and it is likely that AMD will keep this letter to present later, bearing in mind that it is a prototype.

Radeon holocube

Although the official launch date has yet to be announced, Radeon RX VEGA is expected to hit stores in the coming weeks. We will be attentive to all the news, including the mysterious Radeon Holocube.


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