The Hub: Amazon Smart Mailboxes

When we place an order on Amazon, waiting for the package to arrive is annoying for many people. Especially if you have to watch the messenger call your ring. From Amazon also seem to be aware of the problem. That is why they bring a solution: The Hub.

The Hub: Amazon Smart Mailboxes

The Hub are Amazon’s smart mailboxes. These are mailboxes where you can receive your mail directly. Any package you have ordered will be delivered directly to that mailbox. The idea is that The Hub be installed in the residential buildings. Usually at the entrance.

The Hub in United States

These mailboxes resemble the slogans of a station in some way. They come available in 4 colors and different sizes, that adapt to each building. In addition, additional compartments can be added if the original model becomes small.

The idea is for the user to stop being aware of the arrival of the package. Thus, when the shipment is ready, it will be delivered directly to the mailbox. When the user returns home, simply open the mailbox by entering a code and pick up your package. A very comfortable solution that can certainly make life much easier for users. And it is also safe, since it will be Amazon who gives you the code to access The Hub.

Moment The Hub is only available in the United States. Mainly to test its usefulness, operation and its acceptance among users. Nothing has been mentioned about its possible arrival in other countries, although Amazon may reveal data about that soon. What do you think about this idea?

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