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Watch out for WhatsApp’s Martinelli video, it’s another bulo

Bulo whatsapp video hackea telefono

WhatsApp is used by more and more users, so much so, that the bad guys take advantage to throw bullies and that the most innocent users fall into the trap. Today I want to talk to you about being careful with the Martinelli video of WhatsApp, because it’s the new bulo that has caused fury in social networks.

As we tell you, we are continually watching one go after another. And although we have warned you on many occasions that you do not fall into the trap and that you distrust, there are still users who itch. However, if you want to protect yourself, remember to keep an eye on our 3 tricks to protect you from WhatsApp.

Martinelli from WhatsApp video, new bulo

However, now we have to get serious because I want to alert you to what this new hoax is about. Because if you have arrived at this message, it is because you have received it and you want to know what it is, or you are curious and you want to avoid falling into the trap. Well, this bulo of the Martinelli video of WhatsApp is as follows:

Martinelli Slideshow by WhatsApp

This bulo tells us the following: ” tomorrow a video comes out by whatsapp is called martinelli do not open it hacks the phone in 10 seconds and you can not stop in any way, pass the data to yours and friends .”

We can see that it is a hoot clearly because it is misspelled. If you look, it looks like it’s spined or badly translated / terribly written. Typically, trap messages share this feature between them, because they are usually fatal writing and leave a lot to be desired. That is why, as soon as we read it, it must already smell of scorch and automatically pass from it.

He has no malice, but he wants to sow chaos

I say that it has no malice because it is harmless in the sense that it will not hack your mobile. The message tells you that a supposed video martinelli will be sent and that if you open it you will hack the phone.

And it’s a lie … because neither is going to send this video nor is able to hack the mobile. So do not bother sharing or scaring yourself. It’s all false.

Have you received it or another similar one?

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