New file explorer filtered by error

Error reveals Apple file finder

Few hours are left to enjoy what is one of the most important appointments in the sector: the event of Apple developers (WWDC 2017). A meeting in which the technology company will show the world its new range of hardware and software. Those who have tried to hide, by all means, from the eyes of strangers … without much success.

And, in addition to the new  information that has already been poured  on his iPhone 8, today the Cupertino have detected another leak in their sober system by the hand of one of its developers, Steven Troughton – Smith. It showed, through an entry in the Apple Store,  the existence of a new application called Files for iOS  (Files for iOS in its literal translation to Castilian), a new file browser for iPhone whose presentation is planned for the keynote Opening of the WWDC17 that is celebrated today.

The  file explorer for iPhone and iPad  could be seen fleetingly in the American version of the Apple platform, and although it left no more information on the subject than the name although it is clear that, finally,  Apple devices enjoy that search engine Internal files  that had demanded so much their users and before what Apple had always denied the greater. Android is already a classic.

Which apps will stop working with the new iOS update?

Smith also warns that Apple’s new App will be officially unveiled on the WWDC, presumably it’s ready for use exclusively on iOS 11 and 64-bit processors so it will not be compatible with those devices prior to the iPhone 5S that use only 32 Bits. This comes to reaffirm the maneuver of Cupertino to eliminate all the applications that work in this architecture.

Likewise, it also reports that the iOS file browser will be available on  iPhone  and  iPad (respecting the previous premise). What more details will make up this new update? We are looking forward to all the news that, in a few hours, Apple will unveil all its faithful and we will give you full information.

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