This is HomePod, the smart speaker introduced by Apple

Apple HomePod

Apple has put an end to this  WWDC 2017  with one of the most anticipated devices of the moment: its HomePod smart speaker.

Along with this new speaker HomePod Apple has introduced its new products; IMac Pro , iPad Pro ,  the renewal of the iMac along with the MacBook  and a series of important software innovations including  iOS 11  and  Apple Pay Cash  as well as MacOS High Sierra upgrade .

All of them have overshadowed the clear step forward in the world of smart speakers that has given Apple. A sector that, to date, had left a lot of side and in which has been submerged after the success obtained by those who will be, from today, its competition: Amazon Echo and Google Assitant .

The HomePod  proposes a series of advances to exert the same effect that the iPod already had in the past although the scenario changed: the Home. Thus, and from its slightly more than 17 centimeters, will offer a unique experience from two different points of view.

Music in quantity and quality

On the one hand this smart speaker has Apple Music as its base, along with its 40 million songs and its large number of subscribers. By the hand of this HomePod and its surround sound of last generation we will be able to listen to any of these titles with an extreme quality and from any point of the house. All thanks to the implementation of 7 tweeters, located at the bottom and giving rise to the immersive experience, and a powerful woofer located at the top and oriented upwards offering a clean bass as well as deep. An advance for which it is not necessary, like before, to throw a single extra cable.

In addition, this HomePod has the ability to level the audio to the appropriate listening point depending on the room in which we find ourselves. For this, a new technology has been implemented that, through a previous process in which it analyzes the acoustics of the place and the location in it, reaches the optimum result. That way, the volume is correct and the directionality is adequate.

All this auditory framework of this HomePod would not be possible without the chip A8 that has included and that lives as a heart of the product in the high part. It does so alongside the six micros that surround the top and allow Siri (whose wave can be seen at the top) can hear requests such as “which song was the number one in March 1998?” Or “Who is the drummer in this song?” And respond.

But Siri will not only offer suggestions or music answers. It will also be a personal assistant capable of controlling connected items in the home. This is the second leg that supports HomePod, the home connected to make life simpler. Therefore, we can control all the devices that we have in our home. From turning the lights on or off until you start the dishwasher or washing machine, this new smart speaker is the key to doing everyday tasks in a few clicks and at a distance.

This HomePod will arrive in the month of December to the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, at a price of 349 dollars. It will be next year when it lands in Europe and, with it, in our country, to Spain. We will have to wait, therefore, to enjoy this new jewel with which Apple wants to sit professorship before Amazon and Google. Conditions have for it.


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