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Diskio Pi, the free code tablet that works with a Raspberry

Diskio Pi, the open-source tablet

Although the sale of tablets is not at its best , crowdfunding projects  have already shown us that the only barrier to getting an idea is imagination. Guillaume Debray, a worker of an optics that in his spare time has managed to develop the Diskio Pi, an open source tablet in which you choose the processor that feeds the touch screen.

To say that the Diskio Pi is a tablet as such may sound excessive because it is actually a device with a touch screen that includes everything necessary to function … except for the processor. It is the user who decides which processor to incorporate into the Diskipio Pi , and the choice can include from the most popular models of Raspberry ( Raspberry Pi 2 , Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi Zero ) to those of Odroid ( Odroid C1 and Odroid C2 ) . The same applies to the operating system: you choose between Raspbian Pixel , Ubuntu 16.04 or even Android 5.

The Diskio Pi is a device that, as explained by its creator, is aimed at users who need a touch screen for a project made on – for example – the Raspberry Pi 3. Under the 13.3-inch TFT screen that heads this device, what we will see if we lift the back cover is a full range of components essential for the tablet to operate: a battery (8,000 mAh), two speakers, Different connectors and, of course, the main board required for the touch screen to work.

What uses could this project serve? For a variety of functions: from something as simple as having a free code tablet powered by a Raspberry Pi to watch movies on the sofa, even to develop a touch screen that allows us to control a home automation system. Everything depends on what we are able to do with the motherboard; The only thing that gives us this device is to have to build a touch screen from scratch for our project.

This project of Diskio Pi has just been launched in Kickstarter, and its creator hopes to raise a sum of 400,000 euros to get the idea going. For 350 euros you can get a pack that includes everything you need to mount this tablet, but remember that you must acquire the Raspberry or Odroid card required for the whole device to work.

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