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The LG V30 will arrive in Spain on September 28

LG is not having a year too successful. The company’s telephony area does not generate profits, even after launching a phone like the LG G6 to the market. That is why, from the company expect the new phones to help remedy that situation.

The LG V30 will arrive in Spain on September 28

That is why, at the end of August the LG V30 is presented. The device will be officially presented on August 31, one day before the start of IFA 2017 in Berlin. Although, for its release date will have to wait a few more weeks. Since the phone will not launch until September.

Launch in Spain

LG has high hopes for the LG V30. Although, as happened with the LG G6, its launch coincides with that of a Samsung phone. In this case launches on similar dates to Galaxy Note 8. Something that will certainly make your tour in the market much more complicated.

For the Spanish market is shuffled on September 28 as the launch date. Apparently, it is not completely confirmed. Although for several days various media point to it. So it seems highly likely that this will be the launch date of the new LG high rang.

On September 15 the phone will be launched in South Korea. From that date you will be launching in other markets. So in a little more than a month we will know all the details about this new LG V30. And we’ll see if you can stand up to Samsung.

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