CHUWI USB charger with 4 ports Quick Charge

Smartphone, Laptop, Powerbank, Tablet, Bluetooth speakers are on the one hand, of course, all the gadgets that we regularly test here. On the other hand, we also have (almost) always with them and have to supply them accordingly. This is the CHUWI Hi-Dock, a USB charger with four USB ports probably the right gadget.

CHUWI USB Dock in front view

I know that

The CHUWI Hi-Dock, also called W-100, will be very familiar to every MacBook owner right away. The mobile charger looks similar to the MagSafe Poweradapter from Apple. The biggest difference, of course, are the four USB ports , which are hidden by four flaps. In addition, the Hi-Dock has only one connector for the power cable and does not have a suitable power cable, which would go from the power supply to the laptop.

A small but fine difference are the four rubber feet, which give the USB charger a better hold. This allows the USB cables to be plugged in with one hand, while one-handed unplugging requires a lot of power and skill.

CHUWI USB Dock Flatlay from above

The dimensions are 8.10 x 8.10 x 2.80cm and with the weight it is really pleasant with 147g. While, on the top, not the Apple logo, but the CHUWI logo is emblazoned, all the relevant information on the performance and the protective labels, such as CE, FCC and RoHS , are available on the back . The manufacturer claims that the material remains dust-free, but we can only confirm this conditionally.

When you have the charger in your hand, it is noticeable that it is valuable processed. The four flaps are very tight and do not wobble. For the opening and closing of the flaps is already some pressure necessary, since a certain resistance exists. This confirms the high-quality impression. The two-pole power cable also holds very well in the socket and can also be pulled out only with a little force.

CHUWI USB slot with open flaps

Power supply and smartphone holder

The CHUWI Hi-Dock is a charging station in the classical sense and offers four USB ports, one of which supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard. A maximum output power of 3.6 – 6.5V and 3.0A is possible. The other, simple USB ports provide a maximum power output of 5V and 2.4A each. If all three are used simultaneously, the maximum power of 5V and 3.4A must be divided by three.

The USB hub is designed to be your constant companion with which you can either keep your friends’ smartphones alive or provide all your devices with power. In addition, the brackets are also designed to support your smartphone or tablet. This works quite well, but through the somewhat large brackets some screen area is lost, at least in the horizontal mode.

CHUWI USB Hi-Dock mobile phone holder vertical and horizontal

That only a Quickcharge USB port was processed, we find something a pity. At least two of them would be a bit more attractive, but since you can load them quickly, you can change your devices after about 45 minutes. If you do not know what exactly QuickCharge is and where the differences to other FastCharge possibilities lie, I can only recommend our matching guide article.

In our test it is clear that the CHUWI USB charger does exactly what it promises. It charges reliably and the USB Quick Charge socket can also be used with devices that do not support the Quick Charge standard. The Honor 9 can be charged quickly, even if it does not meet the Qualcomm standard. This is exactly what the MEIIGOO M1 looks like . In this case, “Fast charging” is displayed on the smartphone display. In this case it is more a general¬† fast charging¬† than the Quick Charge standard.

Simple & Chic

Like the device itself, the packaging also reminds you of an Apple product. It is white and relatively simple. In addition to the manufacturer and product name, there is a picture of the USB dock and the Qualcomm Quick Charge emblem. The delivery itself is relatively Spartan, as is to be expected. Because quite honestly: apart from the USB dock and the power cable is not needed any more. There is also only a short manual, which is almost superfluous, and a quality certificate.

CHUWI USB Dock Packing & Shipping

Everyday helpers to take away

Admittedly, the functionality of the CHUWI Hi-Dock USB charger is manageable. What it should do is doing it very well. Especially for the desk , home office or on the road, it is ideal to charge several devices at the same time. The fact that it takes little space and high-quality looks are nice plus points. In terms of price, it is only slightly cheaper than comparable products from Germany. In contrast, more favorable products were rather negatively evaluated. Since the CHUWI Hi-Dock USB charger is relatively new on the market, it is to be hoped that the price is still a little lower. However, you also get a good product for this pric.

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