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Noctua will not offer upgrade kits for Threadripper TR4 sockets

Bad news for the owners of a Noctua heatsink and they thought to use them in Threadripper. The famous manufacturer has come out to confirm that it will not offer upgrade kits for the Threadripper TR4 and EPYC SP3 sockets that will arrive later.

Noctua Will not Launch Socket Upgrade Kit Threadripper TR4 What’s the Reason?

Threadripper TR4

Noctua has already offered upgrade kits to be able to use their dissipators with different sockets in the past, but this time it will not be possible. The manufacturer argued that the latest heat sinks on the market are designed for smaller CPUs and not for larger Threadripper CPUs.

If a mounting kit were used to use the existing heat sinks with Threadripper, it would cover only 50% of the HIS, so heat dissipation would not be uniform across the chip, so it would not make much sense to adapt it.

Threadripper TR4

Noctua also commented that, at the time of the release of Threadripper, will not have a few new heatsinks ready for these CPUs, so we will have to use the ones that come by default with the purchase of a Threadripper.

Threadripper TR4

In this same situation are other manufacturers like Corsair, NZXT, Cryorig, BeQuiet! Or Cooler Master , who, at the time of writing, have not confirmed that they will have heat sinks for Threadripper at launch. The only manufacturer that has done so is Arctic Cooling, which would have ready-made solutions with liquid cooling.

Ryzen Threadripper will officially launch on August 10 from $799 for the 12-core solution.

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