Have your tweets reach more people for $99 a month

Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world; Although in recent years it has lost some of the success it enjoyed at first, continues to be widely used globally.

Although it does not launch news as often as Facebook, the truth is that whenever Twitter launches a novelty, it does so in a big way. One of the most pleasing to users was the ability to activate night mode automatically to avoid eye fatigue in low light environments; A few days ago we also tell you that Twitter introduces new blocking filters to avoid unwanted mentions.

Well, right now Twitter is thinking of introducing a very interesting novelty: a monthly fee that will help improve the reach of publications. For now only users who had already contracted in the social network have received information on this new, but it seems to be available to everyone.

Twitter app

How does the service work?

Until now, advertising on Twitter was a bit complicated since there were many different types of advertising and many times users did not know very well what each one included. Well, with the introduction of the $99 monthly fee, Twitter wants to make this easier.

This program automatically amplifies your tweets and profile for $ 99 per month. The first 30 days of promotion will be free. Grow your audience without starting a campaign or advertisement.

Regarding the operation of this service, it is not yet 100% confirmed, but there is already some idea on how it will work. Once a user contracts this service for $ 99 a month, five days later the social network will automatically amplify them. The user will have access to the information of the public that has seen the tweets that have launched.

At first, it seems that it is a service for companies. We very much doubt that a user is willing to pay $99 a month because their tweets reach more people.

As of the date this service will be started, there is no confirmed date for now.


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