MIUI or pure Android? What to install on your Xiaomi?

Miui and the pure android xiaomi

If you have a Xiaomi mobile it is normal that you have doubts about what to install inside, especially considering the opinions of some users. Therefore, in this article we will comment a little on the advantages or disadvantages of MIUI or Android Puro in Xiaomi. Especially considering the saying of “every thing for what it is”.

Users who want Android Pure, usually look for a Nexus, Motorola or Nokia smartphones right now. However, fans of the layers of personalization and flipping, prefer a Xiaomi. We also think it is better to install MIUI on your Xiaomi, but we will analyze it.

Devices that will have MIUI 9

MIUI or pure Android? What to install on your Xiaomi?

Not long ago we talked about MIUI 9, the latest version of the Xiaomi layer. However, many Xiaomi mobile phones that we have right now on the market have different versions. The difference, has to do with the operation on which it is based. For example, Marshmallow or Nougat, which are some of the most common.

However, in a mobile Xiaomi the experience is much better with MIUI, because we could say that there are certain functionalities that is able to improve compared to Pure Puro, especially when used in a mobile Xiaomi.

So we started with this list of advantages and disadvantages for MIUI/Android Pure:

These are some of the advantages of MIUI for Xiaomi

  • Camera. If you want to get better pictures do not think about it, it is better that you stay with MIUI in your Xiaomi. If you change it, it will get worse. This is because the MIUI photo processing is very good. Especially in his last releases.
  • Great battery. If you want more autonomy, you can stay with MIUI in your Xiaomi smartphone that you will not regret. They are well optimized and autonomy management is good. This is due in part to the hibernation of apps in the background.
  • Larger features. With MIUI you can enjoy the features that Xiaomi has done for and for your Xiaomi smartphone. With Android Pure you will not have them. And all without installing third-party apps.
  • Updates. You can upgrade from layer to layer without waiting months or a long time to get the update for Android Pure. So we could define it as an advantage. However, although it takes, it takes less time than in other manufacturers, so we could include it as an advantage to be upgrading from MIUI 7 to 8 or 9 fast (within what, of course).

MIUI or pure Android

What are the disadvantages of MIUI?

  • Worst performance. The main disadvantages of MIUI regarding Pure Puro is performance. This is due to the fact that it occupies a large part of the Interface and therefore makes the terminal less fluid. The Xiaomi layer is very heavy, too heavy, so performance can be affected many times.

We did not find other disadvantages.

What advantages does Android Puro have over Xiaomi?

  • Higher performance. In the case of installing Android Pure on your mobile Xiaomi if you will see that the performance is better and will go more fluid. This is because it is a clean version. It is a cleaner and lighter operation, so your Android smartphone will work better. So this is the main advantage.
  • Native experience. If you want to have a native experience, more than how it is clean Android without layers and without retouching, you can live it if you install Android Puro on your mobile device. But it is a matter of taste.

Pure android is better because we analyze it

Disadvantages of Pure Android for mobile Xiaomi

  • Battery problems. The battery problems that Google is having with Puro Android are more than evident. Users have problems and their terminals can not even handle the day. If you install Android Pure on your Xiaomi smartphone, you will see that the battery lasts a lot less and with MIUI more. So if you do not want to have this inconvenience with the battery, better put MIUI to your Xiaomi and you will do better.
  • Fewer extra features. With Android Pure you have what there is, that is, you will not have anything extra (not counting the exclusive features that have added in Pixel). But you will not have those older features added by Xiaomi in MIUI.

As you see, although with Pure Puro be cleaner and performance is better, it is not worth it. It is better that if you buy a Xiaomi mobile you have to stay with MIUI to enjoy a better experience 100% adapted to your device.

Conclusion: we recommend MIUI for Xiaomi

It is best that each sheep go with his partner. MIUI has been created for mobile Xiaomi, it is your personalization layer . And if worse, the manufacturer would not spend so much work customizing a layer for them and adding extra features. We believe it is better, it is better and we recommend it(I.e.

You have doubts? Are you more of MIUI or Pure Android on Xiaomi Smartphones?


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