All court cases in Spain exposed for hours

In recent weeks we are seeing very serious security breaches that affect entire governments. Now, something similar has happened in Spain. In this case it affects all the judicial processes of the country. For several hours they were all exposed on the net.

All court cases in Spain exposed for hours

All the people that entered the telematic system of the Ministry of Justice were with a series of folders that normally are not public. These files contained the data of the judicial cases of all the Spanish lawyers. A serious computer bug, which seems to have already been corrected.Security

It’s a crime

This is a computer bug. A very serious decision, which also constitutes a crime. Since it is illegal for someone to access the data of a cause without obtaining the previous permissions. A mistake that could cost the Minister of Justice the job. Especially if the opposition starts a motion of censorship is highly likely to occur.

Other sources point out that the ruling has been around for some time . Lexnet is the system that controls everything. And it seems that there are flaws in its operation and design from the beginning. So the error may have been a lack of control or improvements in the system

The bug has already been fixed. So nobody has access to such folders. From the Ministry they affirm that the failure has been due to an update of the system. Although they have affirmed that an investigation will be begun to clarify the situation. What do you think?


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