Huawei stops making low-end mobile phones

Huawei to stop making low-end mobile phones

Bad news for Huawei fans who want to buy a low-end device, because today we have learned that Huawei stops making low-end mobile phones. And is that if we recently told you that Huawei Mate 10 will have full screen, better camera and battery, we now know that the guys of this brand do not intend to surprise us with more low-end devices.

Huawei Y625

Huawei stops making low-end mobile phones

This really does not have to be bad news, because it is a manufacturer that always does things well and offers good devices in value for money. And they are aware that a performance-tuned device can not deliver good features or work well, so they prefer to focus on the mid-range and high-end.

Huawei has always stood out for the great value for money, and in the mid-range

Whenever we think of Huawei we automatically come to mind the Huawei P8 Lite that marked a before and after. A midrange device that has no waste, and have even redesigned given its popularity and success (not to mention they also pulled out a version of Atletico Madrid).

The Huawei guys have done very well in the mid-range and high-end fields, so it makes no sense for them to continue to manufacture low-end.

With this change of strategy, they will focus more on the low and high range

Now they will bet hard to do things better in the mid and high range. Conquered the European market, Chinese and Japanese.

So if you’re a fan of the company, not only do you expect top-of-the-range devices with the Huawei mate 10 from the one we talked to at the beginning of the article, but also other mid-range devices impressive in value for money. These guys have always done it and will continue to do so.

And the fact of leaving aside the low range, are therefore good news to get good devices really and good prices.

What do you think about the news? Do you think Huawei is wrong?

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