PlayStation Plus prices up in September

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s premium subscription service through which players can join online multiplayer games or get free games every month. In addition, they also provide the option of accessing discounts. Definitely an option that has many followers. Now, from Sony have announced a price increase.

PlayStation Plus prices up in September

It will be from September when this price increase becomes effective. We have already been able to know the new prices that will have the subscription to PlayStation Plus from September. And the ascent is up to 10 euros in one of the cases.

PlayStation Plus subscription prices

In the case of annual subscription, the price goes from 49.99 euros to 59.99 euros. The quarterly subscription cost 19.99 euros so far. Now, its price happens to be 24.99 euros. And finally, in the case of the monthly option, its price was 6.99 euros and will now be 7.99 euros.

Sony also wanted to clarify something that many users have thought about when they have read about the price hike. If we have an active subscription, the new price will be charged the next time we have to renew. So at the moment we can benefit from the usual prices. But at the time of renewing the subscription of PlayStation Plus we will have to pay this increase.

For those who do not want to pay this increase they must cancel the subscription. Therefore, if you are of the users who are in that situation, you must remove the option of automatic renewal. What do you think about the price hikes of PlayStation Plus? Are they justified?


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