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Samsung will launch Samsung Pay for other brands

Samsung Pay is the payment system that the Korean company has created for some phones of its brand. High-end devices like the Galaxy S8 and some mid-range have the same. Samsung has been making the system has left a gap in the market.

Samsung to launch Samsung Pay for other brands

One of the keys to their success is that they have agreements with many banks. The most recent of them the Santander. In this way, the system can be used in many places and situations. But despite this success, Samsung wants to go further. You want to take this system to other brands.

Samsung Pay for other brands

Apparently, the company has already had discussions with other manufacturers to study the introduction of the payment system in their devices. Samsung seems determined to achieve it. And it seems that such manufacturers also see the potential of this idea.

Samsung Pay is becoming a clear competitor for Android Pay. The payment system created by Google is not having the desired acceptance and has failed to reach many Android devices. Something that seems that the payment system of Samsung itself could achieve.

Logically, although the plans of the Korean company are clear, there is still time for them to come true. Samsung Pay is something exclusive to Samsung, so you have to find a way to make it integrate seamlessly into other brands smartphones. Will it do them good? Everything is a matter of waiting, although considering that it is Samsung, surely they succeed.

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