Xiaomi Smart Ventilator Review

This is a stand-alone fan with an integrated rechargeable battery, which is intended to work in practice wireless and controlled by the app. Although the price seems to be totally overpowered, we thought ” when people spend 400 € for a Dyson fan, we can give him a chance “. What features the app control offers and whether the fan is worth the vortex we have tested for you.Xiaomi Smart Fan

Dimensions 92 x 34 x 33 cm
Weight 3.74 kg
Battery pack 2800 mAH | 36 W Power | Up to 16 hours of cable life
Volume  29 to 54 db
Apps control Mi Home App for Android & iOS
Features Stepless control of wind speed Two modes: “Natural wind” & normal fan Different swivel radii Automatic Standby & Runtime
 Material Plastic / metal
 Connectivity  WiFi IEEE802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz
Delivery Nema-1 (Type A) Power cable (1.6 m) Xiaomi Zhimi Floor Fan | Instructions in Chinese
Xiaomi Smart Fan
Due to the narrow lattice, injuries by gripping into the rotor blade are virtually impossible.

Scope of delivery, construction & design

The delivery itself was not a big surprise. Except for the fan itself were only the power cable with Nema-1 plug (adapter needed), an Allen key + screws and the required 2800 mAh battery attached. The instructions are complete in Chinese.

Since the standing fan, which has already been supplied by Xiaomi, is divided into a few individual parts, one has to deal first with the construction. Because of the manual only in Chinese, I was initially somewhat skeptical, since I had never assembled a fan. But the drawings in the manual are self-explanatory. In addition, with the exception of two screws supplied, everything runs together. After about 15 to 20 minutes, the fan was assembled and ready for operation.

Xiaomi Smart fan back
The back of the fan – the design as from Xiaomi is simple and elegant.

Once built up the fan makes a stable impression, all plug & screw interfaces were processed clean. Both the metal rod and the plastic housing feel good quality. With a height of 92 cm it is rather compact and with a weight of less than 4 kg also relatively easy to carry through the office. The design was very minimalistic. While the rod and the rotor blade are held in gray-silver, the rest is kept white. This makes the smart fan easy to fit into bright and simple facilities. Disturbing, however, is that the height of the fan can not be adjusted. This makes it a bit very small, whereby the air naturally also circulates in the lower area.

Mi Home App coupling and remote control

Now to the interesting part. Why should you spend almost 180 € for a fan? Of course, the new fan of Xiaomi is smart and can be remotely controlled via the Mi Home App from Xiaomi. This is available for iOS & Android and allows you to connect all devices from the Xiaomi Smart Home series to your smartphone. Fortunately, the Mi Home App is now largely translated into English. Although there are single messages and names, which are only displayed in Chinese, the app handling is easy, if one has basic knowledge in English.

The coupling

To pair your device with your smartphone, you have to turn on the fan first. To do this, press the button on the fan, which you can also use to adjust the power of the wind in 4 preset increments. Furthermore, a button is installed on the back of the head, which allows you to activate and deactivate the swivel function. But, of course, you do not get a Xiaomi fan to operate it by hand.

The four lamps indicate the strength of the wind.

First you add the Xiaomi device in your app to your devices. The fan itself was easy to find in the app: Either you get a pop-up, that a device was found or you get via “add manually” and then over the fan symbol to him. If you then select the device, you must select a WiFi for the fan to complete the coupling. I found it very useful that you can then create a shortcut in a small field . This means that you do not always have to open the Mi Home app for the remote control of the fan. Instead , you get directly to the control via the shortcut.

Xiaomi Fan App Mi Smart Home
If the fan is not displayed, you can add it yourself by “Add manually”.

The functions

What are the features of the Xiaomi Smart Ventilator? First, the ventilation can be set in two modes. Once the classic mode with consistently equal wind, and once a mode advertised as “natural wind”. In practice the whole thing looks like that the fan in the second mode varies its speed and thereby actually often a feeling of natural wind blows arises.

In addition, the strength of the wind can  also be steplessly controlled by the app. I found it particularly useful to adjust the fan just so much that it can not be heard. Because although it is really quite quiet, the Xiaomi fan was clearly heard on the highest level. A bit down-regulated, however, you get a decent and almost silent breeze.

Of course you can also turn the panning mode on and off on the smartphone. In addition, the size of the radius can be adjusted, so you can vary from 30 ° to 120 °. In addition, the fan head can be adjusted to the right or left in small increments – very useful for fine alignment from the couch or workplace. Also you can make a few time settings. So, on the one hand, you can set a standby time after which the fan switches off by itself, useful when you feel you are asleep soon before the TV and do not want the whole night electricity is eaten. In addition, the fan can be fixed “working hours”. For this, one can specify the start & end time, on the other hand,

Xiaomi Smart Ventilator Mi Home App
The shortcut provides direct control of the fan.


During the test, there were no problems with the above listed functions, which one would have to expect for the price. Thus, the Xiaomi Smart Ventilator can be controlled by App and executed the selected actions without exception. Even if the timer functions are not always necessary in practice, you can get a smart fan for the little extras 😉.

Still, the China gadget is (still?) Simply too expensive. This is a pity. Because when you test, you realize that you get a really good product with many features. Nevertheless, a purchase in the normal case is not questionable, at least until the price falls clearly. Because then the fan can score by its quality. If you are also in Smart Home Fever, there are also other smart home gadgets, which have already slipped into more pleasant areas. So you can improve your air quality also through the Xiaomi Smart Mi air purifier or through the plants you cultivate with the Xiaomi Mi plant sensor.


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