ILIFE V5 Review

A vacuum cleaner is ideal for comfortable people. Although this technology is still repulsive here and there, but in the first washing machine one had to install a window afterwards, because the people of the machine did not have the right to wash properly.

ILIFE V5 suction robot

Technical specifications

Suction 600 Pa
Volume 55 dB
Working hours 130 minutes
Charging time 280 minutes
Dust chamber 0.3L
Feature Brush heads, remote control

Chuwi has been noticed in the past by good tablets, but why should not they also design good vacuum cleaners, Nokia finally also started with rubber boots and tires. 😉

Chuwi ILIFE V5 suction robot packaging
A big package arrived 😉

The vacuum cleaner robot has on the underside two rotating brushes, which eject the dirt to the inside, where it is sucked by a nozzle. This solves the problem with the room corners, which many vacuum cleaners do not reach due to the round shape. This works well with laminate and parquet floors, but on uneven surfaces such as natural stone or even tiles with deeper joints, the brushes are rather a drop on the hot stone, but Chuwi give this cute beetle-like look.

Rotating brushes of ILIFE V5
With rotating brushes

A microfibre cloth is attached to the back of the robot for fixing dirt, which is attached with Velcro. So you can also wipe wet when you dip the cloth before in a gentle lye, Master Proper has always helped there. 😉We have here carpets, so we could test the wiping function only sporadically. With fresh stains it went well, but with sticky and dried spots one must still wipe. Chuwi only touches the spot and does not really exert pressure.

Close-up of wheels and microfiber cloth
With microfiber cloth

The robot comes with a charging station, which can be used independently when the battery is weak. This works only when Chuwi is located in the L-shaped building, even if the battery is low, in the L-shaped building, Chuwi has often lost itself and has simply been lying on the road somewhere exhausted. But if he is close to the station, he will find it safe and will automatically recharge.

ILIFE V5 front view
Futuristic design 😉

The battery is not the largest with 2600mAh, but still quite in the frame. The indicated 130 minutes working time is however far under-run , in case of several trips the battery was always empty after a good 30 minutes. A charging cycle takes about 2 hours. In our timelapse video you can see an entire ride from 32 minutes to 3 minutes. Spoiler first: This time he actually found the Ladestation. Filmed with the Amköv AMK100S.

As you can see well in the video, the precision of the ride increases. If Chuwi is still struggling against barriers at random, he remembers them and increasingly improves his path . If you have a practically furnished home, Chuwi will work very efficiently.

With us there are many corners, angles and table legs, where Chuwi tortures. He however, automatically detects landings and does not fall down. Unless (so happens with us) he pushes the floor mat a bit over the edge of the staircase, then goes to the floor mat and believes that the protruding part of the mat, still provides firm support and then falls 14 steps into the depth what But he has survived unscathed.

However, Chuwi is also very good with increases, the jagged tires, climb up many hurdles like cable etc.

One can plan the period in which Chuwi iLife is supposed to perform its work, the remote control is very intuitive and even without guidance.

Chuwi ILIFE V5 dust chamber used
Dust chamber is very comfortable to remove

The capacity of the dust chamber is only 0.3 L, which is also not less than with other robots, but means that one is more frequently involved than emptying with normal vacuum cleaners. In daily journeys, the chamber was ready to be exchanged after a week, but this is easily done. The Chuwi is generally very well processed.

ILIFE V5 dust chamber
Daily rides have to be changed weekly

The vacuum cleaner can be controlled with the included remote control and it is only 9 cm high, so it comes also under the couch.

ILIFE V5 Accessories
Charging station, brush, rotors, remote control, filter, mop, manual and mains adapter

The decisive success of a vacuum suction robot also depends on a pragmatic device. The vacuum cleaner will not be able to take over the entire housework, but at least he can do the preliminary work already. (And annoy the cat;))

Youtube Video Preview

Considering that the market-leading vacuum robots cost three times quickly, Chuwi is a cheap and recommended alternative (eg, against the suction robot of Medion, which is only a Chuwi V3 with a different name, as attentive commentators have already noted). With flat, smooth floors and daily use, he will pay quickly, but if you have mostly carpet flooring and lots of stuff on the floor, Chuwi will not provide much joy.

If you are looking for a cheaper solution, I can recommend you the popular wipe mop robot.

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