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Nokia to recover camera interface from Lumia on Android

Nokia has launched 3 new mobile phones to the market this year, Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Now, these mobiles are not yet available in all markets and it is expected that throughout the remainder of the year they become very popular .

Finnish company HMD Global has obtained many of Microsoft’s design patents after it has been used on its behalf for a long time. With the help of Xiaomi and all that Nokia already had, HMD Global has managed to collect the patents to launch any type of smartphone, tablet or function on a phone but the last thing that we are going to tell you was not expected so soon.

Camera nokia

Nokia wants to change the camera interface by a well-known one

Microsoft still has some trademarks such as PureView, ClearBlack and PureMotion among others but these design patents can be used in HMD to improve their products even if they can not use the same trademarks registered by Microsoft.

One of the patents that HMD has inherited is the camera interface of the Lumia , formerly Nokia Lumia and later only Microsoft Lumia. In the image above you can see how the camera of the Lumia and below is the current camera of the Nokia mobile phones with Android, much more boring and simple.

The new Nokia need a decent camera interface

Nokia knows that to succeed, it must be different and none of the new Nokia launched by HMD has a colorful camera interface that offers an outstanding experience, perhaps because there is no Nokia in the high-end market.

The upcoming Android phones launched by HMD Global could include the camera interface of the Lumia although this could also reach the current through an update. We must not forget that one of the virtues of the new Nokia will be the software update in collaboration with Google.

Of course, there is one important thing, even if the Lumia camera reaches the new Nokia with Android the Lumia brand will not be able to be used and it will be released under a different name, we still do not know which one.

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