Google will no longer complete your results in the search engine, goodbye to Instant

Google Instant Search

Surely you have not even noticed the absence of Google Instant Search, since today almost nobody used it. But we want to mention that Google has eliminated it, since it was launched in 2010 this had worked well but was declining, it was not so functional with new technologies coming to market. It’s a fact, Google Instant Search is dead, will it bring consequences , not really, so you do not have to worry about Google’s decision.

Did you know what Google Instant Search was? This was a feature that showed real-time search results as we were typing them, now do you remember? This saved time. This was a very important tool that was implemented in the times where Marissa Mayer was in charge of the Google company. However, to this day, this tool is no longer functional with the search methods that exist and no longer makes much sense.

What will happen now without Google Instant Search?


According to Google, searches for mobile represent 50% of total searches worldwide and we are all accustomed to giving intro to what we are looking for, which is why the company decided to end Google Instant Search. However, we have to emphasize that this helped in many moments where Google was facing the competition, yes, as far as search engines refers Google Instant Search was the best.

“More searches are done through the mobile, these have very different inputs and interactions and some screen restrictions. As this happens, we’ve decided to remove Google Instant. ” These were the words of the Google spokesman to inform the world that Google Instants Search was going to stop working.

So you already know, from this moment and includes Chrome, the search for Google Instant Search will no longer work. The advent of mobile has not benefited many technologies like for example the other death we have announced this week, is that Adobe Flash will only work until 2020. Had you seen our post ?, Mobile has benefited in many areas, However, in others it has caused the terror and closure of many companies or technologies that have been operating for years.

What is your opinion about Google Instant? Our opinion is that this tool was very little used and it was a good idea for Google to stop it, since it is only a burden for the company. Although, we would be interested to know your opinion about it.


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