Samsung wants Samsung Pay to reach other brands

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Samsung Pay, as many of you already know, is the exclusive payment method of the Korean brand. Little by little it has been established among the users, mainly thanks to that has been integrated with other services. The Korean company has reached agreements with PayPal and some of the major banks. This way, it is easier to use this method of payment. It has already been integrated with the El Corte Inglés card.

But Samsung’s plans go much further. The company does not want this payment system to be something exclusive to the mobile phones of its brand. Therefore, they are considering that Samsung Pay reaches other Android devicesPayment with samsung pay

Samsung Pay Android Competitor Pay

It can certainly be a very interesting movement on the part of the company. On the one hand, many more users can achieve if the service is available on other smartphone brands. That is already an interesting advantage for the company. But, they could also become a great competitor of Android Pay. Since the Android payments system has not had the success that was expected.

Samsung has been doing things very well with Samsung Pay. They have been able to integrate with the banks and reach agreements that allow a more widespread use of this method of payments. In addition, it is increasingly present in more models of the brand. No longer only in the high range. Also mid-range devices can enjoy the same. That is why, reaching mobile phones of other brands would be a very important step. And it is something that seems to be coming true soon. Since it has been confirmed that Samsung has been having conversations with other manufacturers. So it would not come as a surprise if some brand will be announced in the coming weeks.

While it is true that the process can be slow. First of all you have to look for an effective way for Samsung Pay to integrate into the devices of other brands. At least we can see that the plans of the Korean company are ambitious. Now, it is a matter of waiting for more news about it. But undoubtedly, this move is a big threat to Android Pay. What do you think?


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