The LG G6 does not improve sales of LG

LG mobile dual screen

Since it was released, we have spoken to you on numerous occasions about the LG G6. For many it is one of the best high end that have been released so far. It is a very powerful phone, although it has not been without problems. But despite that, many see that it is a device with many possibilities. And the company has bet very strongly on this phone. In an attempt to improve results.

But the effect of LG G6 has not helped. LG today introduced its quarterly results. And it must be said that they are not very positive. Worst of all is that it seems that the future of the company is not too promising.

Decrease in sales

The company’s telephony division has been in for a long time. No matter what new phones they present. Sales continue to disappoint. And that does not help the results, as they continue to generate millionaire losses. LG’s new quarterly results are not positive. The sales have fallen 13% over the previous quarter. This in itself is negative, but if we compare it with the same period last year, it is a decrease of 21%.

Such negative results can only lead to losses for the company. And so it has been. The loss for the quarter stood at $ 117.3 million. While it is true that it is a decrease compared to the same quarter last year, where there were 132 million, are still not good results for LG. And all this despite they have bet very strong for a high range like the LG G6. Therefore, they hope that the new mid-range phones that will launch these months will help them improve the results. Although analysts point out that this will not be the case.

Therefore, the company’s telephony division continues to have problems. They can not find a way to conquer the public, even though they know how to make high quality phones. Luckily, other divisions like home are giving good results. It remains to be seen if the new releases help LG. But if a phone like the LG G6 does not even help increase sales, it will really be complicated. What do you think?


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