Delid to the AMD Threadripper: They’re Soldiers

The famous Der8auer overclocker (you’ll remember it for the temperature problems in the phases of the X299 motherboards ) has sent to the operating room one of the samples that it has received from the new processors  AMD Threadripper. Many thought that they would come stuck like AMD Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 or the recent AMD Ryzen 3 but no, it is fully welded.

Delid to the new processors AMD Threadripper: they are soldiers

AMD Threadripper delid

It seems that AMD does not want to make the same mistake in the top-of-the-range series  as its most direct rival: Intel. And it is that recently we could verify that the Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X warm enough (the first ones above all). While now with the new AMD Threadripper we will have better temperatures and better cooling capacity.

As you can see during the video and in the image the AMD Threadripper are composed of four CPU arrays. So we can be perfectly ahead of a processor with 16 or 32 cores with SMT.

What temperatures do you think this mastodon will have? Will it have temperature problems or will we be surprised with one of the best quality/price for workstation equipment? And will they exceed the 4 GHz?


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