Facebook TV will come in August to compete with YouTube

Facebook TV

It seems that eventually will come, after many rumors and delays. The TV version of Facebook Inc. would come online in mid-August as experts say. Of course, the new Facebook of the videos wants to compete with the big G and not with other big platforms that offer paid content.

Facebook is already a little tired of waiting and seems to have begun to pressure its partners to deliver the first few chapters of the programs they are about to broadcast. At the moment it seems that these new programs for Facebook are going to be short and low budget but they are not the only ones.


Facebook TV to be launched in testing phase

Although the first content that will come to Facebook TV (although we do not know if it will be named as such) will be of economic production is rumored that Facebook is also funding high-level programs and that will be able to see later on its website.

At the moment none of this is public so it is not known very well what “high-end” programs will be broadcast on Facebook TV.

Facebook TV is delayed, expected in early summer

Facebook believed that this project would be ready a month ago but it has taken longer than expected and it is possible that there are still more delays. Obviously, when you want a platform, you have to launch original programs so people are going to see them there and not on other existing platforms.

It is expected that this new Facebook service will appear outside the usual wall and offer more than 2 billion users high quality content for users. Facebook wants to do something more powerful than YouTube but not compete with major streaming platforms like HBO, Showtime or Netflix.

Facebook has commissioned low-cost videos and high-end series, similar to those broadcast on pay-TV. It also seems that Facebook has hired some former TV executives and media to oversee these contents. How do you think it will be the new TV from Facebook?


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