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  • Oukitel U11 Plus, an impressive smartphone in glossy black and sapphire blue

Oukitel U11 Plus, an impressive smartphone in glossy black and sapphire blue

Oukitel u11 plus

The guys at Oukitel are making us impressed with their devices, because they are betting on impressive designs that make the difference and specifications of all kinds, adapted to the needs of the user. Today we are pleased to present you the  Oukitel U11 Plus, from which we will discuss your specifications and even see it on video so you do not miss a single detail. It’s a spectacular redesign!

Oukitel U11 Plus: official specifications

This is a new device that stands out for its bright black and blue. It combines all the beauty of the smartphone inside and out. And it has top-of-the-range performance that we love. But if you want to know its characteristics in detail, do not miss the following that we tell you, so that you know what you have inside (you will be surprised):

Features of Oukitel U11 Plus

Among its main features we highlight a screen of 5.7 inches Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is a large screen size, ideal for those looking for a “Note” smartphone, so if you are looking for a phablet, it is the best devices of the moment and we recommend you buy. It also comes with curves and makes the design much liked by users.

On the other hand, if we focus on the power we have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. It is a top of the range, that’s no day, because the truth is that we do not need more power than this. So these guys, they have done very well, because it is an accessible terminal within the high range, and different.

Following the benefits, we find a device that bets for 3,700 mAh, so you will have mobile to endure all day without problems.

These are the most outstanding features of the new Oukitel U11 Plus. We like both inside and out, because it combines that impressive and radiant design, with performances to match any other top-of-the-range manufacturer.

Do not miss the Oukitel U11 Plus in video, it will surprise you

If you thought that you had seen everything, do not miss the Oukitel U11 plus in video:

What do you think about the Oukitel U11 Plus? Do you like your design and benefits or would you change something? The truth is that this is a great device for this 2017.

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