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Xiaomi MIUI 9 is already official and is available Do you want to know what it brings?


The wait is over and Xiaomi finally launches officially MIUI 9, it is now available the official website of the Chinese manufacturer and you can download it from tomorrow. Where did they present it? They have made it official in the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 5x this July 26, it is a mid-range device that will surely revolutionize the market due to its specifications and price.

Do you want to know all the news that brings this new interface of Xiaomi? Since we tell you that it does not vary much from its predecessor the MIUI 8, there are indeed changes, but are not as drastic compared to previous versions.

What brings the new MIUI 9?

MIUI optimization system 9

Most people expected this new version to have a few more new changes. These are not about design or personal opinions, but Xiaomi should take into account Nougat’s notification system, as the Chinese company refuses to adopt it. In the interface, we will not have many changes, but in terms of improvements to system optimization, application launching, cache improvements and background processes, if you see a change.

It has an improved file management system, improved gallery and automatic cleaning of junk files. Although, we have to emphasize that they have implemented the double window of Nougat, since it was something that the users asked to Xiaomi. He will also come with an attendant who will arrive late, at least in our language.

Dates to receive MIUI 9 in your terminal

In order to install the MIUI 9 in your device you will have to wait according to the mobile you have, these are the confirmed dates to be able to update your Xiaomi.

  • July 27 will receive the beta update of the MIUI 9 terminals Xiaomi Mi6 and the Redmi Note 4X.
  • August 11, will receive the open beta Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi 5X and Redmi Note 4X.
  • August 25, will receive the open update of the My Mix, My Note 2, My 5, My 5s, My 5s Plus, My 5c, My Max 2, My Max, My 4s, My 4c, My Note Pro and Redmi 4X.
  • The terminals that have ROM Global will get the update in September.

These are all changes brought by the new update of MIUI, sure you expected more changes but this is all that Xiaomi offers us so far. To the people who love the manufacturer, surely they will not notice that it is practically the same as the previous versions with a little bit of improvement, but the other people who are tired of the same, we expected Xiaomi to offer something better. What is your opinion?

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