Spend only 51 euros and get Leagoo KIICAA Power with dual camera and 4000 mAh

Leagoo KIICAA 3

Leagoo is one of those manufacturers that is characterized by launching to the market very cheap but high quality mobile and the new Leagoo KIICAA Power is a sample of how far can reach this company. To buy the new Leagoo KIICAA Power just click here.

The new Leagoo KIICAA Power is a phone with large battery of 4000 mAh and double camera of 8 MP + 5 MP in the back, all for a final price of only 51 euros, do not you think? Stay with us and we’ll tell you more about him. If you want proof of how Leagoo can make a great mobile for less than 60 euros just have to see the review of the Leagoo M5.

Leagoo KIICAA 1

Why does the Leagoo KIICAA Power stand out?

With a name that seems somewhat mysterious there are several aspects in which the terminal stands out against many others in a bestial way.

A large battery of 4000 mAh

The capacity of the battery is a key aspect in the mobile. Well, with a large battery of 4050 mAh this Leagoo KIICAA seems to have a heart attack autonomy.

With an autonomy that surely rubs the 2 or 3 days with normal use – intensive its battery promises a capacity of 90% after 500 cycles of load and that means to lose only 10% of its capacity after about 2 years or more. This means that their useful life is more than assured.

Double camera, something exclusive of the high ranges

Leagoo KIICAA 2

No need to spend a fortune to have a double camera. It is true that it will not be the best in the market but at least it adds a second 5 MP sensor very useful to complement the main 8 MP.

Enjoy a camera with f/2.2 and a size of sensor 1/5.06 that allow you to have a pixel size of 1.12um to make some very decent photos for its price, only 51 euros. Do not forget the price because if we compare it to other mobiles of this sector we did not find anything equal, nor by the way.

A screen to match

The KIICAA Power mounts a 5-inch screen with HD resolution and full-lamination technology that offers a 900: 1 contrast ratio and a number of pixels per inch of 400. And yes, it has IPS technology so it will offer a good final display.

Rear footprint sensor

Leagoo KIICAA 4

Neither could we say goodbye to a mobile like this without mentioning your fingerprint reader on the back with Smart Touch and an independent ISP that stores the fingerprints. It is made of ceramic and unlocks in only 0.3 seconds with 360 degree recognition angle.

KIICAA Power Specifications

And, to make matters worse, you only have to know your specifications that are very decent for this low price.

  • 5-inch screen with HD resolution and IPS technology.
  • MediaTek MTK6580 4-core processor.
  • 2 GB of RAM .
  • 16 GB of storage.
  • Rear camera 9 MP + 5 MP.
  • Android 7.0 Nougat.

Its sale price is 60 euros but with this offer you can take it for only 51 euros. You want it? Just use the following button.


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