New generation AMD Zen will arrive manufactured at 7 nm

We were already alerted by AMD that the arrival of Ryzen processors was just the tip of the iceberg of what was to come, after many years without being at the level expected of a company of its caliber, Sunnyvale have seen the exit Of the bache thanks to its new Zen architecture that has been highly competitive since the first second. Zen has debuted in the process at 14 nm of Global Foundries but has its eyes on the 7 nm.

AMD Zen will improve with 7 nm

AMD Zen will improve with 7 nm

AMD’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Papemaster, has unveiled something that many already took for granted, new generations of the new architecture, dubbed Zen 2 and Zen 3, will come under a 7 nm manufacturing process that will allow new Energy efficiency and performance.

AMD has had to make a great effort in the design of a microarchitecture that has debuted at 14 nm but that is fully compatible with the use of a process at 7 nm, without any doubt has been worth since we have lived the jump Performance in processors over the past 10 years or even longer. If we look back, the move from Bulldozer to Zen has been something quite similar to what Intel experienced at the time with the passage of Netburst to Core.

AMD will continue its collaboration with Global Foundries and TSMC in the jump to 7 nm, the first will be in charge to continue manufacturing its processors while the second will be in charge of producing its GPUs. Both have made a very large effort over the past few years and have greatly reduced the distance with Intel in manufacturing processes.

It will be from 2019 when  Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) will be used, which means that the 7 nm process will have reached maturity enough to be used in the manufacture of very complex chips such as x86 processors and The GPUs.

Zen 2 will arrive in 2019 at 7 nm, before we will have Zen + at an improved 14 nm.


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