The house of flowers is the new original Mexican series by Netflix

The house of flowers netflix

The guys from the popular streaming service are already working on Netflix’s new original Mexican series,  La casa de las flores. And is that as you know, one of the advantages of having Netflix is ​​not only access to your entire catalog of movies or series of third parties, but also have their own productions exclusive to their followers. That’s why you can miss what we tell you.

The house of flowers, the new premiere of Netflix

This title is intended for fans of the Mexican series and also for the dramas, because it is a series that combines the best and with Netflix behind it sure is a pass.

But who is behind all this? As we already mentioned, there is the great Manolo Caro, writer and director  would give my life but I am using it  and  Love of my loves. O The immoral life of the ideal couple.

It is clear that it points to ways, because the guys from Netflix are already working on it and certainly not wasteful. We talk about his third original Mexican series, which has the name La Casa de flores as we mentioned and is a new project with Manolo Caro Ahead.

It is a great project of course and we will be happy to discover it. Because on this occasion, he has unveiled it on his own Instagram account …

What actors will we find in this drama? For now, the names of Verónica Castro, Cecilia Suárez and Aislinn Derbez have been leaked.

When will this series come to light?

Taking into account that the new Mexican series of Netflix was announced in January, everything indicates that they are working on it, in the middle of shooting, so we could soon have it with us. At least the first season.

But what is it about? By the name you can get an idea. But everything indicates that it will be a family florist full of dysfunctional secrets. Being drama, it is clear that it is a series that one can not miss and is for all audiences.

We will see it of course and soon we will be able to tell you much more about the new premiere in the field of the series that is coming to Netflix.


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