Apple will present in August the new iPhone SE 2 at a price of laughter

IPhone SE

It is normal that Android phones cost a lot less than the manzanita. Of course, that also depends on the mobile you are going to buy, since you can not pretend to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 at the price of a Xiaomi, but in a way Android are cheaper and more accessible. Is it true that Apple will launch a new smartphone ? It is true and will have the name of iPhone SE 2 and will be presented in August.

According to all points that August this year, it will be very moved for all the phone companies, as it presents the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the LG V30 and we thought it would be an iPhone 8 but it will actually be the iPhone SE 2, successively We will also find the Google Pixel 2 but it will be in September and then the October phones will come.

What price will the iPhone SE 2?

IPhone SE connectors

The iPhone SE 2 is a mobile that will arrive next August and will be priced much cheaper than the iPhone 8. Considering that Apple will soon launch the iPhone 8, we talk about 1200 euros at least for this high-end terminal, Instead if we talk about the next iPhone SE 2, we could be around 400 euros approximately. In other words, you would buy 3 iPhone SE for the price of an iPhone 8, which one would you choose?

What the manzanita company tries to do is launch an economic mobile so that everyone can have it, it would even be cheaper than the current iPhone SE whose most economic version is between 490 or 500 euros. What will the iPhone SE 2 ? As we are informed has in its internal part an iPhone 7, although in a more compact mobile, as it will have a screen of 4 inches. It is said that this smartphone can have iPhone 7 and 6s features.

In its outer part, we would run into a glass case. Although, we doubt much that costs 400 euros with specifications of an iPhone 7, it is something that we leave in guardianship of judgment because in fact it seems a little strange a price so reduced. If we compare it with the current iPhone SE with features of the 6s that has a price of 490 euros.

However, if Apple meets the price range and specifications, we would be talking about Apple’s best-selling and cheapest smartphone,  since no one will miss the offer of having a terminal with great features and such a reduced price, Would become the best option to buy nowadays.


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