These are all the premieres that Netflix will have in the month of August

Netflix premieres

We are already a few days to begin the long awaited month of August and we say as expected, because they released a lot of movies and series, in addition will be presented terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and several more. Among the titles we can see several movies that are original from Netflix and series that many people are waiting for. Of course, we tell you that you will have to adjust your agenda, because there are very good premieres.

We are in the summer and it is a good time to dedicate to watching some series or movies for the most famous streaming service called Netflix. We assure you that you will spend days at home catching some series like narcos that will premiere its third season soon and many others. What brings Netflix to us in August? What surprises us is that the long awaited series of superheroes called “The Defenders” featuring special performances by Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage will premiere .

The Netflix premieres for the month of August


In this section we will have everything a little, starting with the premiere of the sixth season of The Walking Dead and the fourth season of “The BlackList”. On the other hand, in terms of original productions we will find “Atypical” which is about an autistic teenager who starts a journey of self-knowledge and resignation of his life, we find this new proposal Netflix and the trailer looks like it will be a Wow.

In addition, we will have the premiere of “Million Yen Women” which is a Japanese series based on a young novelist who lives with strange women who pay him a million yen each month, with the only condition of not asking questions. Although the interesting thing happens when the girl begins to break the rules, would you break them or would you keep the million each month?

Another interesting series that brings Netflix will be released in August with the title of “The Mist” that is inspired in the novel of Stephen King. Now, we will give you the exact dates of each premiere.

  • August 1 Surviving Escobar, alias JJ (T1).
  • August 4 Wet Hot American Summer, Ten Years Later (T1).
  • August 11 Atypical (T1).
  • August 14 The Walking Dead (T6).
  • August 15 Million Yen Women (T1).
  • August 18 The Defenders (T1).
  • August 20 The Blacklist (T4).
  • August 25 Disjointed.
  • August 25 The fog.


In the section of films will premiere of all types, we can enjoy several horror films as “The institute” and the most recent “Never say his name”. However, we will also have movies better known as “Mission Impossible” and “Death Note” based on manga and anime.

  • August 1 The institute.
  • August 1 Never say his name.
  • August 3 The invisible guardian.
  • August 11 Naked.
  • August 12 Argo.
  • August 18 What happened to Monday?
  • August 20 Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation.
  • August 21 Amnesia.
  • August 25 Death Note – Original by Netflix.
  • August 29 The promise.

Documentaries and specials will also appear

In Netflix can not leave the comedy aside and always maintain a lot of titles, mostly stand up. This month will happen the same, will premiere the stand up comedy of Maz Jobreni and Alan Saldaña. As for the documentaries, we will find the “Ïcaro” where the biggest sports fraud in history is revealed.

  • 1 August Maz Jobrani, Immigrant.
  • August 4 Alan Saldanha, my poor
    Icarus life .

We do not forget the little ones of the house

In this section we will find several interesting titles, although you do not necessarily have to be a child to enjoy these films. A renowned name is the fabulous Minions and the third season of “Voltron”.

  • August 1 Pokémon The Movie, Hoopa and The Clash of Ages.
  • August 4 Voltron, Legendary Defender (T3).
  • August 8 Puppy Patrol (T2).
  • August 11 Vera and the rainbow kingdom (T1).
  • August 11 Home, The Adventures of Tip and Oh (T3).
  • August 13 Minions.
  • August 15 Little Witch Academy (T2).
  • August 18 Glitter Force Doki Doki (T1).
  • August 19 The Adventures of Peabody and Sherman.

These are all the premieres you’ll find on Netflix next month, as you’ll see it comes loaded with many releases and interesting series. Did you arrange your schedule to see them?


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